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Gin House Gypsies!!

Seductive, sensual and diverse. The Gin House Gypsies are a gypsy, jazz, blues collective from Northampton. Five uniquely talented musicians bring different influences from around the globe - Spanish guitar, Balkan melodies and African rhythms - to create a live performance which leads the audience through the folk traditions of the world.

Drawing inspiration from musical maestros such as Tom Waits, Erykah Badu and travelling Balkan bands like Tako Lako, Tantz and Tarantism, their answer to the masters is a unique fusion of tribal and circus influences, held up by hip-hop rhythms.

Atop this, you’ll find captivating melodies which weave in and out of one another in unique and expressive saxophone and guitar arrangements.

Fronting the Gypsies are the trio of female musicians who bring the stage alive with three-piece harmony and contemporary and tribal belly dance, hypnotising the audience with tales of suppression, passion, anxiety, adventure, old love, new love and late-night gin-houses.

We are looking forward to seeing them perform on the Forge Space stage in June.

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