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Headline Act

We are excited to introduce one of our headline acts for the Music Barn Festival.

Performing in the Stone Barn we have founding member of the Art of Noise, JJ Jeczalik performing a DJ set playing highlights from his career along with major musical influences and remixes. The Art of Noise were an avant-garde synth-pop group formed in early 1983 by Gary Langan, J. J. Jeczalik, and Anne Dudley. The group had international Top 20 hits with Kiss performed with Tom Jones, and the instrumental Peter Gunn, which won a Grammy in 1986, for “Best Rock Instrumental Recording”. Other key tracks include the epic Moments in Love, Paranoia (with Max Headroom), Close to the Edit and Beatbox which was a dance floor hit in the USA, making it to number one in the Urban Dance Charts.

The group's mostly instrumental compositions were novel melodic sound collages based on their use of the Fairlight CMI, which was the world’s first audio sampler. Inspired by turn-of-the-20th-century revolutions in music, the Art of Noise were initially packaged as a faceless group, blurring the distinction between art and its creators – “Ars est celare artem”. The band is best known for its innovative use of electronics and particularly for their ground-breaking use of sampling.

This is one to catch if you have any interest in how electronic music kicked off in the early 80s which subsequently influenced a huge range of other music genres including house, hip hop and techno.

To find out more about AoN visit:

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