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MB20 Cancelled

Dear Music Barners

I can't believe that I am having to announce this but with a heavy heart we have decided to postpone our September event.

Over the past week we have received government and WHO based guidelines on the reopening of festivals, music events and concert venues. It has become obvious that under the current safety restrictions expected from event managers, running a festival like the Music Barn in a risk free environment would be all but impossible.

This is clearly a big decision for us as a business. We must act responsibly above any other decision, financial or not and we will always put the health and safety of the Music Barn family first.

This is the hardest challenge we have had to face. But it makes us even more determined to deliver the best event we can in 2021.

September tickets will automatically be transferred over to Music Barn 2021 on 19th June. If you can't make it next year then of course you will be entitled to a refund. We would ask everyone to keep hold of your tickets. It will make all the difference to us. Less than 10% of you asked for refunds from June and we were overwhelmed with that. It really does show your support for what we do. So thank you and please let's keep that going for 2021.

Please support your Music Barn!


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