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Music Barn 2021

Well at least 2020 is out of the way although so far 2021 is not shaping up to be much different.

With a recent spike in cases of Covid 19 across the country the NHS is straining to cope with extra patients in a season which tradionally sees a rise in other more common illnesses. This has led to the British Government reintroduce stringent lockdown restriction to try and slow the advance of this deadly virus.

Here at Music Barn Central we are in a conundrum. Do we start selling tickets for an event that happens in June? Is that too soon to realistically see corona virus cases fall and the vaccine rolled out to enough members of our community? Will there be further lockdowns or tier systems throughout the summer? Will we be able to party like its 1999 this year?

Its too early to tell.

We will obviously keep you informed of our decision, but for the moment the future of Music Barn 2021 is very much still in the air.

is very much still in the air.

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