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Music Barn Supports Local Charities

Want to party and also support great local charities?

Here at the Music Barn festival we think the same thing - we combine having a great day out, listening to great music while still donating donating profits from our in-house bars to locally based charities.

In 2019 we will be donating our bar profits to Kettering Safe Until Daylight, a homeless shelter based in central Kettering. Homelessness has become a pressing national issue due to a multiple number of factors, including the reduced number of available houses across the country and national changes to how homeless people are prioritised for support. Kettering has one of the highest rates of homelessness in the East Midlands, a new report from housing charity Shelter shows.

Village Hall Trust

In 2019 we are also supporting our local Village Hall Trust. Village Hall plays a central role in any rural community offering a space where people can come together and enjoy a range of activities and events within the local area. For many years the Cranford Village has been looking for donation to help with improving its facilities. This year we will be helping them by buying a new PA system and installing it to ensure that the Hall has the very best in sound and presentation systems.

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