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Not Long Now!!!

Just under 2 months to go before the Music Barn returns with a bang to the local music scene. Following a one year forced hiatus due to the ongoing global pandemic, the MB team have been pulling out all the stops to ensure that we can put on an amazing event on 3rd July 2021.

Much of it depends on how the current lockdown restrictions are eased in the next month. As a nation we are currently still on track to be fully open on 21st June. Currently we can do the following:

  • Go inside restaurants and pubs in groups of up to 6 or two households at pre-booked tables.

  • Meet up in groups of thirty in beer gardens and there will be no curfew in place at either pubs or restaurants in England.

  • Theatres and cinemas re-open.

  • Attend organised indoor adult sports, such as badminton and indoor tennis, and some gym classes will be allowed again.

  • Attend indoor events with a capacity of 1,000, or 50 per cent, whichever is smaller.

  • Go to outdoor events which are capped at 4,000 or 50 per cent capacity, and outdoor seated events – such as football matches – at 10,000 or 25 per cent capacity.

  • All university students in England can return to campus next week for in-person teaching, with thos returning expected to get tested twice a week throughout the rest of the summer term.

  • School kids will no longer be required to wear face coverings in classrooms or in communal areas in secondary schools and colleges.

By 21st June this remaining restriction will be removed, however, lets all remain vigilant and abide by the guidelines we are still under. If we want to have a great summer we must do everything in our power to keep the country on track and not give government and politicians on either side of the divide a reason to close the country down again.

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