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Covid 19 won’t defeat us!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It seems like we are in a very long tunnel but we will eventually see some light that we can head toward.

This period of isolation and lockdown has been particularly difficult for the entertainment industry which relies on the public to come out and spend money at pubs, clubs and venues. We know of lots of festivals and music events which are close to bankruptcy. Many are unlikely to reopen in 2021.

Here at Music Barn HQ we are hoping to invite you all back to the festival in September. Dates for the event have been set for the 12th And 13th. Do you have them in your diary?

Please support us as much as you are able. If you love the Music Barn festival we could really do with your assistance. Keep buying those tickets; keep spreading the word to your friends and relatives; invite them to the event!

Lets make sure that if the event proceeds in September that its the biggest event of the year!!




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