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We Love Real Ale!!

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

And who doesn't right? Here at the Music Barn we take our food and drink seriously. Thats why were are partnering up with local food and drinks producers to bring you the best that Northamptonshire has to offer.

In 2019 we see the return of Nobby's Brewery. Based in Thrapston, only 5 miles from the event site, Nobby's couldn't be more local! They produce some great ales and lagers including the summery golden ales such as Goldings or their more traditional beers such as Claridge's Crystal. All of them are full of interesting taste and go down particularly well while chilling out at a great summer festival.

Pick up a pint at our local pub The Red Lion Pub in Cranford if you need a little taster before the event. They usual have at least one pump with a Nobby's special!

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