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17th - 18th June 2022

Music Barn

The Stages

The Meadow

The Meadow is the largest area where people meet, dance and laugh in the open air. The space features gently sloped pastured, backed on one side by ancient cliff face created by iron mining in days gone by.  The ironstone workings have long since finished and mother nature has largely taken back what she lost.

During the day the meadow is bathed in sunlight. Live musicians will be performing across a range of more down tempo genres to ease you into the festival. 


With the sun setting behind the cliff face the music changes and the stage comes alive.  You will find yourself dancing to the very best in rock, indie and alternative sounds.


The Village

Whilst working on the iron excavation, the miners made an unexpected discovery. Below the earth they uncovered the remains of an ancient village!



We have sited our very own village over this antediluvian site.  Here you will find a range of traders serving you everything from delicious street food to thirst quenching cocktails.

All our food traders are handpicked by the team for quality and diversity. 


Forge Space

Wandering through The Village you will come across The Forge Space - an oasis of calm from the thrum of festival.


On Friday the space is dedicated to all things accoustic, welcoming groups and solo artists to perform in the relaxed surroundings of the fourth space (see what we did there!).  Chilled tunes on a Friday afternoon!

On Saturday the space transforms into the Electric Forge when the space gets a rerub and invites DJs to perform funk, soul and disco sets.  

Lets go to the Forge Space!


The Slade

In Old English and Saxon language a Slade means a valley or dale.


Harking back to these ancient times, The Slade arena remains chilled during the day with the sound of down tempo tribal drums echoing around the valley.

However as the sun sets the stage comes alive with upfront funk and house music.  You can catch a range of international DJs through to local superstars here.

Prepared to get sweaty!

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